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Foods That Make You Age Faster

These days, we see many products in TV, Internet, Magazines... that promise youth to our bodys, some people try a differents ways to stop getting older, by plastics surgerys or by many sports methods. So did you think that they are some foods that make you age faster?

Human health is closely linked to nutrition when we find the famous sentence "You are what you eat", Now we will list some foods that have been scientifically proven to contribute to early aging.

Sugar: is simply harmful to your body as a whole, Sugar causes inflammation, which is a major inhibitor to having clear, beautiful skin. Also it damages collagen and elastin, which keeps the skin looking soft and supple.


Margarine: The guilty party in margarine is trans fat, which devastates hydration. The less your skin is hydrated, the quicker the wrinkles show up.

Energy Drinks: Energy drinks are very high in sugar and very acidic, which can damage teeth and leave them more prone to stains that will age your smile. Plus, their high caffeine and sodium content can lead to dehydration, especially dehydration is one of the main factors that contributes to older looking skin.

Alcohol: Liquor burglarizes the collection of vitamin An, a cancer prevention agent that is fundamental for cell reestablishment and turnover.

Potato Chips: Consuming trans fatty acids stimulate interleukin 6 within the body, Interleukin 6 is a marker of inflammation, which is associated with aging. In addition, fried and deep fried oils, even those made with made with vegetable oils, can impair cell respiration and reduce immune functions within the body.

Candy: Consuming a big amount of candy can affect the entire health, especially can affect your dental health in result you'll unfortunately lose your good smile.

Processed meat: Their high salt substance adds to puffiness, and the additives they contain trigger aggravation. To include, they likewise go through vitamin C, which is integral to collagen arrangement.

Caffeine: Most of us like to drink a good cup of coffee to start the day with activity and vitality, the bad thing is that caffeine has dehydration effects on the body. So remember to drink an extra glass of water for each cup of coffee.

Sugary pastries: They're packed with sugar, which Giancoli says may be linked to the development of wrinkles.

Spicy food: aggravates rosacea-prone skin. It's believed that spicy food dilates your blood vessels, so that make your skin looking blotchy and less youthful.

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