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Top Longest Living Animals On Earth

Have you ever wondered about the average age of animals?

Not only humans live a long life but there are a variety of animals that live for a long time despite its harsh conditions.
The average human life has risen from 30 years during the Middle Ages to about 80 years now in the United States.

They face diseases and conflicts over food, predators and climate change, but some species in the animal kingdom live for hundreds of years.

Albatross: have one of the longest life span among birds that reached a documented 50 years of age.
The oldest known albatross is a roughly 65-year-old, Named Wisdom.

Elephant: reaching 60–70 years of age, Elephants have long lifespans, the most seasoned elephant passed on at 86 years old in the Taiwan.
The asian elephant served with the Chinese Expeditionary Force during the Second Sino-Japanese War and later relocated to Taiwan with the Kuomintang forces.

Macaw: in the wild, the average age of these birds is 30 - 35 years, but by taking care of them at at zoos the average may reach 60 to 80 years.
Charlie was reported to be 112 years old in 2011, he is the oldest known macaw.

The giant tortoise: This species lives on the islands, These glorious creatures are among the world's longest-living animals, with a normal life expectancy of 100 years or more.
Genthan in the picture is the oldest wild animal on Earth at the age of 184 years.

Koi Goldfish: is the oldest known fish ever recorded in history, the normal life expectancy of koi fish is 25-30 years, but there are reports of koi that have lived over 200 years old.

Greenland shark: also known as the gurry shark or grey shark, these sharks are living in the cold, deep waters of the North Atlantic, they can reach ages of 200 years old or even more.
Their longevity is due to their slow growth as they multiply until they reach about 150 years.

The immortal Jelly Fish: a jellyfish that does not die, live in warm tropical waters discovered in 1988 by the German biologist Christian Sommer.
This species has a magical ability to make it a non-dying organism, he can reestablish his cells with the goal that he comes back to the phase of youth consistently, so he doesn't have a maturing stage that finishes in death.
The jellyfish is naturally immortal, however they don’t live forever and get harmed and eaten simply like different creatures.

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