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Chicago Fire Casey & Dawson Divorce

After the exit of the star Monica Raymund, Casey must move on with huge changes. Casey (Jesse Spencer) and Dawson (Monica Raymund) have signed the divorce officially in the last week’s episode but the repercussions of this separation are not yet clear.

Photo: Derek Haas

In a recent interview with Tv Line Derek Haas, the series showrunner shared a little expositions about Casey's feelings, he said: “He’s probably a little angry. He’s probably going to act a little recklessly because of it.”

There is a new romance relationship looking to build up among Casey and Naomi, this reporter didn't exactly hide her interest but Casey didn't lead her to believe that he is open to this relationship.
Derek Haas comment at this relationship, indicating that it’s more of a fling.

"The reality of actually being physically close to another person is just automatically weird. It's very strange. And he doesn't wanna rush into things but he wants to move on. I don't think we'll see him settle down anytime soon. That doesn't mean his relationship with Naomi won't continue. He doesn't wanna just jump back into another relationship straight away".
This is what Jesse Spencer published about the feeling of Matthew after the divorce.

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