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Reasons Why You Should Eat Chocolate For A Good Health

Chocolate is one of our best favorites foods, while giving it up completely might sound like the ultimate sacrifice for good health, chocolate is stacked with supplements that can decidedly influence your wellbeing.

Made from the seed of the cocoa tree, dark chocolate (70% cocoa or more) is one of the best sources of antioxidants on the Globe.

The article reviews health benefits of dark chocolate that are supported by science.

Good for skin
Dark chocolate contains flavonoids, which improve the skin’s hydration by increasing the blood flow in, which makes the skin able to absorb ultraviolet light and thus protect it from harmful sun rays.

Reduce stress
Eating chocolates daily in a moderate amount reduces the hormones that cause stress.

Very Nutritious
Contains fibers and minerals such as iron, magnesium and copper, this is in addition to its richness with fatty acids and unsaturated fats.

Provide the body with energy and activity
Dark chocolate contains stimulants like caffeine and theobromine, the amount of caffeine is very small compared to coffee unlikely to keep you awake at night.

Good for your brain
Increases the blood flow,  it will help boost our memories, our capacity to focus, our response time and additionally our critical thinking aptitudes.

A great source of Antioxidants
Cocoa contained more antioxidants than other fruits tested, antioxidants prohibit nasty chemicals called “free radicals” (which you take in from breathing oxygen) from damaging your body.

Reduce the risk of heart attack
The flavanols Reduces the flow of oxidized LDL cholesterol and keep platelets less sticky, decreasing the risk for heart attack.

In result dark chocolate contains many benefits but the secret to benefit from it is through a moderate consumption.

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