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Reasons Why Capybara Is Not A Good Pet

The capybara is the largest living rodent in the world, a mammal native to South America.
This animal is an exotic pet, big as large dogs but don’t have a tail, the capybara is possible to weigh about 100 lbs, he look much more like larger versions of his close relatives, guinea pigs.

If you are thinking of adopting this animal, this article contains some of the reasons why Capybara is a bad pet.

Capybaras live in groups
Adopting one animal only will not be good, Capybaras need to live together so you would need to adopt at least two capybaras, however ideally more.
Capybaras are not simply social, they are strongly social. They are as intelligent as dogs and hunger for consistent fellowship.

Capybaras are huge
These animals are giants, they are more than twice the size of a jackrabbit, so keeping something like two major rodents in great condition might test and exorbitant in itself.

Keeping Capybaras is illegal

like most exotic animals, keeping Capybaras may be illegal, this semi-aquatic rodent is legal to own in Texas and Pennsylvania.
In some states they are legal but require licenses, before deciding to bring home a capybara as a pet you should check your local registration.

Capybaras housing

Capybaras require lot of space, and a large pool of water that allows for swimming and wading.
Since these animals can't be alone in captivity, an outdoor enclosure for one to three of them should be at least 12 feet by 20 feet, although the bigger you make, the better.

Capybaras are sometimes aggressive
Capybaras may be aggressive with one another, they can bite, in fact, biting is their primary defense.
Truly, capybaras are most joyful close vast water, similar to lakes or streams. Placing them in a swimming pool simply isn't the equivalent.
Capybaras are after all wild animals, they have razor sharp teeth and can be unpredictable.

Capybaras are expensive
A Capybara comes at an underlying cost of around $1,100 per animal, Vet bills can easily cost $600 and $1,000, and they eat 6 to 10 pounds of food per day.
As mentioned above, buying just one is not a good idea so prepare to take two of them.

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