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The most popular Tetra fish types

Tetra fish are little freshwater fish whose place of starting point is recorded as Africa, South America, and Central America.
These freshwater fish have made their mark as a popular option for fish owners due to their different shapes, sizes, and colors.

So as to pick the correct Tetra fish types for your tank, here is somewhat more data about the 5 most famous types.

Neon Tetra
The Neon Tetra fish was originally imported from South America, they come in a beautiful mix of colors like red, white, blue, silver, and black.
These fish are hardy and they have a long lifespan, they can live up to 5-10 years.
They can eat a variety of tropical fish flakes, bloodworms, pellets, freeze-dried shrimp, and they usually grow up to around 1.2 inches in length.

Cardinal Tetra
They are one of the most popular aquarium fish, Cardinal Tetras are an incredibly beautiful species of tropical freshwater aquarium fish. But since there are sensitive water chemistry changes, they are not one of the easiest Tetras to keep.
These fish are omnivores and can be fed on a diet of crushed flakes.
It’s important to know that although they are a community fish, their size is small (1.5 inches) and may get eaten by larger tank-mates, so it is necessary to place them with other peaceful fish mates.

Serpae Tetra
Serpae Tetras are beautiful and easy to care, they are popular flame-colored fish that move in bright red schools through the aquarium.
They will not get any bigger than 2 inches, and like most Tetras, they will do better in well-planted tanks that provide shelter and hiding spots.
These fish will accept virtually any food quite readily, including flake, pellet, freeze-dried, and frozen foods.

Diamond Tetra
Diamond Tetras are beautiful fish that have shining scales, this kind is very active and peaceful with any other fish.
These fish reveal their true beauty until they are adults, so they seem to shimmer like precious stones with their green, gold, orange, silver, and violet scales.
They are very hardy and have a lifespan of about 3-6 years, and since there are very active they will need to be well fed.

Glowlight Tetra
Glowlight Tetras are absolutely gorgeous originating in the rivers of Guyana.
These fish are social and do well when placed in groups 5 groups or more, they are hardy, easy to care for and they can survive in a fairly wide range of aquarium settings.
Glowlights are omnivorous so they will eat all types of foods, so they accept live foods as well as flakes, freeze-dried, and frozen foods.

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