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8 Interesting facts about Molly Fish

Molly fish are small-sized tropical fish naturally found in the warm and peaceful rivers of Central America. Today, Mollies are extremely popular fish to be kept in the community of an artificial aquarium, all around the globe.

This article include 8 interesting facts about these fish.

1/ Mollies have a small size
These fish remain genuinely little, developing to a normal size around 3 to 4 inches.

2/ Mollies prefers salty water
These fish are tropical that lean towards some salt in their water. A teaspoon of aquarium salt per 5 gallons of water will go far in helping them.

3/ Mollies are schooling fish
These fish live in group and stay together for social reasons, in fact, Mollies live amongst the plants in a group containing numerous molly individuals, known as a school.

4/ Mollies come in variety
They are very attractive tropical fish with many different colors such as orange, green and black.
Some of the more popular varieties include the sailfin, balloon and the dalmation.

5/ Mollies are hardy

These fish are able to maintain easly in home aquaria due to their capacity to adapt to a wide range of water parameters.

6/ Mollies are not agressive

These fish are considered to be peaceful. They live in groups and many have had success with keeping them in community aquariums.

7/ Mollies are easy to breed
Molly fish are fairly easy to breed, a mature female will give live birth about once a month or so in an aquarium.
For many aquarists the biggest problem is not getting them to breed but stopping them from breeding.
Whenever left in a tank with other grown-up fish, the infants will get eaten.

8/ Mollies are omnivorous
These fish have a diet that is comprised of both plant and animal matter. they primarily eat small invertebrates including insects and bloodworm, along with algae and food particles in the water.
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