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8 Reasons to keep an Oscar fish as a pet

Oscar fish are among the largest freshwater fish that have become fairly common to the household aquarium.

In this article there are 8 reasons that make these fish fantastic pets.

Oscars come in variety
Oscars are available as pets in a variety of colors such as Red, Tiger, Albino and Lutino.

Oscars are easy to find
Oscars can be easily found at any pet store, including in some department store pet sections with fish.

Oscars lifespan is long
Oscar fish life expectancy depends on the quality of care given to them, the average life span is around 10 to 12 years and they can live up to 15 years with proper care and diet.

Oscars are active
Oscar fish have the habit of rooting among the accessories in their tanks. They can easily lift out plants and even move rocks across the aquarium floor.

Oscars are smart enought to know their owners
Oscar fish can actually get to know their owners and even eat from their hand.

Oscars are healthy fish
Oscars don’t have many health problems to deal with but there are a few such (HITH), so maintaining clean water quality and feeding these fish a healthy diet is the way to prevent this disease.

Oscars can grow very fast
Oscar fish grow to be large, reaching up to 12 inches. They reach this size quite quickly in their lifetime, growing one inch a month until fully grown.

Oscars are esay to breed
Oscar fish are one of the hardest fish to breed in captivity.

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