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10 Amazing Wolf Dog Breeds

It's known that all dogs, from the largest to the smallest, come from the wolf, they are all classified as a subspecies of the grey wolf.
Because of their close genetic similarity, canines and wolves share numerous physical attributes.

In fact, wolves are beautiful, strong creatures. It's not surprising that many people fantasise about having one as a pet. Sadly, these animals are stubborn, erratic, difficult to train, danger to children and other small pets. These qualities make them a bad choice to keep as a household pet.

The good news is there are many dog breeds that looks like wolves, so keep on reading to discover 10 wolf-like dog breeds, that looks like wild wolves, and make great pets.

1. Alaskan Malamute

Photo: Pixabay

The Alaskan Malamute is a large and powerful dog, weighing up to 45 kg. This breed is a popular choice due to its good qualities, this animal is friendly, loyal, and so suitable pet for active owners. This animal is considered one of the most beautiful dog breeds around the globe.

2. Siberian Husky

Photo: Pixabay

They are medium-sized dogs, weighing up to 27-28 kg. They have facial markings that are fundamentally the same as wolves.
Huskies come in variety of colors like black and white, and gray and white. Additionally, these animals are very loyal, intelligent, and sturdy working dogs.

3. German Shepherd

Photo: Pixabay

German shepherds possess a distinct wolf-like aesthetic, they are among the most handsome and popular dog breeds in the globe. For good reasons, they have such great personalities, and their charm is just irresistible.

4. Czechoslovakian Wolfdog

Photo: Maxpixel CC

The Czechoslovakian Wolfdog is a relatively new breed, a hybrid between German Shepherds and Carpathian wolves, the result is a fantastic creature, with the strength and stamina of a wolf with the temperament and intelligence of the German Shepherd.

5. Samoyed

Photo: Pixabay

Samoyed dogs are large in size, white in appearance, and among the most popular white breeds in the globe, these animals are between the most expensive dogs around the world.
Samoyed dogs are strong and highly energetic, and with the right owner they will become loyal, loving family members.

6. Saarloos Wolfdog

Photo: Pixabay

Saarloos Wolfdog is a big dog breed, measure up to 76 cm in height, weighing 45 kg. This rare dog specie has actually been bred to look like a wolf.
This animal comes from Holland, and was the result of a cross between German shepherd and European wolf.

7. Tamaskan

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

This rare dog breed from Finland has actually been bred to look like a wolf. Tamaskans are actually good family dogs, and they are very intelligent, highly trainable, and good with children.

8. Canadian Eskimo Dog

Photo: Animalsadda

The Canadian Eskimo Dog is rare specie around the world, this dog weigh between 30 and 40 kilos (roughly between 65 and 90 pounds).
This animal is powerful and strong like a wolf and has a thick coat like that of the Siberian Husky. In fact, The Canadian Eskimo Dog need a lot of exercise, making him a good choice for active owners.

9. Utonagan

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

This clever mind has a wolf like appearance, however, this dog is good tempered even with cats. Utonagans usually, can live for up to 15 years and have few health problems.

10. Northern Inuit

Photo: Pixabay

Northern Inuits are medium sized, weighing around 25 to 40 kilos (about 55 to 85 pounds) with a double coat and a straight tail.
This animal was created by crossbreed  in the late 1980s, in an attempt  to create a domestic dog breed more closely resembling the wolf.
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