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10 Best Working Dog Breeds

Dogs are so diverse and can help to do many jobs, usually most working canines have common and similar characteristics such: hardness, loyalty, Intelligence and  high endurance.

Typically working dog breeds are muscular, medium to large in size, and excel in obedience and physical activities.
Theses animals have often been used as guardians, police dogs, service dogs, rescue dogs, and even sled dogs. Keep on reading this list to discover 10 best working dog species.

1. Labrador Retriever

This animal is a perfect worker, built for sport, with boundless energy and keen intelligence. Labrador Retrievers make great companions, they are good by nature and today these dogs are commonly used as service dogs and therapy dogs.

2. German Shepherd

This is another one of the most common working dog breeds, German Shepherd is strong, intelligent, and one of the most desirable breeds for police, military, and guarding work.
This breed is very obedient, German Shepherds happily serve as police dogs and they have a deep sense of loyalty towards their owners.

3. Border Collie

The Border Collie is medium sized, and one of the best worker breeds, this animal is known as a good herding driver with boundless energy.
The Border Collie is also a great choice for families and kids, this pet is very smart, athletic and a good runner.

4. Belgian Malinoi

This breed was developed in Malines, Belgium, very active, smart, and obedient pet. The Belgian Malinoi will excel at almost any task placed before it, this is why this animal is often used for service work, police work, and search and rescue.

5. Great Dane

Great Danes are among the largest dog breeds, they were originally used as war dogs and for hunting wild boar, stags, wolves and other large game, today they are companion and guard dogs.

6. Golden Retriever

Goldens are excellent for hunting birds and other small prey, they are enthusiastic, loyal, and very trainable. They are also great for kids and wonderful family companions.
These dogs are energetic and often boisterous, but also particularly gentle and trustworthy with children.

7. Mastiff

These dogs are enormous, they can top the scales at 220 pounds and can stand 30 or more inches tall. Mastiffs are good guardians, they are known to be gentle giants and do very well around small children.

8. Great Pyrenees

Generally Great Pyrenees weigh between 85 and 160 pounds with an average lifespan of 10 to 12 years. These animals are immensely powerful. In the past they served as sheep protectors from wolves and other predators, but today they are mellow companions and vigilant guardians of home and family.

9. Giant Schnauzer

These working dog breeds are medium sized, active, and athletic. They were created to do jobs, so they have intelligence and drive. They can be loyal and courageous companions for the person who can provide them with the training, exercise, and attention they needs.

10. Samoyed

Samoyed dogs are strong and highly energetic, and with the right owner they will become loyal, loving family members.
These animals were bred by the Siberian Samoyed people to hunt, herd, and pull sleds. These people treated their hard working dogs with respect and kindness, in result, these dogs have become more obedient and trustful to humans kind.
10 Best Working Dog Breeds 10 Best Working Dog Breeds Reviewed by THSPatch on avril 12, 2019 Rating: 5

2 commentaires

  1. Thats not a Mastiff but a bordeauxdog😁
    In my country, the small munsterlander is known as a great hunting dig and often used as one.

  2. Thats not a Mastiff but a bordeauxdog😁
    In my country, the small munsterlander is known as a great hunting dig and often used as one.