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10 Best Small Fluffy Dog Breeds

Small dogs are beautiful and adorable but, the fluffiest are the more cutest and the perfect ones for many canine lovers.
In fact, tiny dogs are sweet, good-natured and, perfect for kids, they have the longest lifespan, so a fluffy breed will be a great addition to a family that wants a companion who lives much longer.

There are many variety of types that will bowl you over with their sweet faces and their gorgeous, thick coats.
If you're thinking about getting a small long-haired dog, here are some excellent choices, so keep on reading this list and take a look at these 10 of the most adorable fluffy breeds.

1. Pomeranian

Image: Commons.wikimedia

In case we're discussing little fleecy canine varieties, Pomeranians get a high rate on that rundown!
Poms are toy dogs weighing in between 3 to 7 pounds, they have a long, double coat and come in red, orange, white or black.
These animals have a thick silky coat of fur which makes them look exceptionally wonderful.
As a young doggie, this breed resembles a little teddy bear. Their cushioned coat, minor ears, and round eyes make it difficult to not have any desire to lift them up and snuggle them.

2. Shih Tzu

Image: Pexels

Shih Tzu are highly popular dog breeds and many people like to keep them as pets, they are famous for their tiny bodies and their beautiful appearance.
These dogs are very hardy and easy to keep, they are good by nature, so affectionate and lovable and with this long fur, you’ll love snuggling with.

3. Havanese

Image: Pxfuel

No list of long-haired dog species can be without the Havanese!
Havaneses are pretty perfect pets, they are hypoallergenic and low-shedding. Their qualities includes also their friendly behavior making them ideal for kids.
For grooming, Havanese little guys are pretty easy to take care of. They have long hair but it does not shed. The most you'll need to do is regular brushing to avoid matting.

4. Toy Poodle

Image: Pikrepo

Poodles have a thick wavy fur and come in all sizes to fit all homes and ways of life. Since they shed practically nothing, their fur must be cut each six to about two months and they need to visit showers to keep clean.
The Toy Poodle is a great kind of small fluffy dogs, who is gifted with some of the best canine brain powers.

5. Bichon Frise

Image: Commons.wikimedia

The Bichon Frise is a cheerful, small dog breed with a lot of love to give, this breed is often recommended to people who have allergies and with its black eyes and fluffy white coat, the Bichon looks almost like a child’s toy.

6. Pomsky

Image: Commons.wikimedia

If you love big fluffy dogs but you don't have the space, think about a Pomsky!
The Pomsky is a hybrid type, a mix between the lovely Pomeranian and the Husky, a majestic pet who has the energetic, outgoing personality of a Pomeranian and the intelligence of a Husky.
Pomsky dogs have coat textures like a Pomeranian's fluffy, standout fur but tend to come in common Husky colors such as grey and white, white and red, and merle.

7. Maltese

Image: Pickpik

The Maltese dog is low-maintenance, intelligent, easy to train, adaptable, and looks adorable.
These animals are known for a snow-white coat, but some dogs have a more ivory color. Despite their sweet, petite appearance, they are energetic, playful that adores their people.

8. Papillon

Image: Commons.wikimedia

Papillons have sweet faces, they are among the most popular pets in the world, they have gained notoriety for being little fireballs.
They're not as hyperactive as other breeds their size and won't have a problem lounging around all day long. When it comes to grooming, there's not much to do with short-haired Chihuahuas.

9. Cavalier King Charles

Image: Pixabay

This Spanish breed has splendid ears, a sweet and active attitude. In fact, no one can resist this face. Besides its beautiful shape, This miniature pet is very social, happy to be with its owner, its goal in life is to love and be loved.

10. Pekingese

Image: Pixabay

The Pekingese is an exceptional variety starting from antiquated China, however, significantly progressively extraordinary is their delicate coat which can be shaped into a wide range of ​lavish styles. ​
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