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10 Best White Small Dog Breeds

Many dog lovers prefer the small ones, these category includes some of the most adorable white breeds, beautiful, low shedding, good with kids, these animals make great pets for amateur and professional owners.

In case you are thinking to bring a new puppy to your home, this list contains 10 of the best white small dog types that have many good characteristics.

1. Maltese

Image: Pixabay

The Maltese dog is low-maintenance, intelligent, easy to train, adaptable, and looks adorable. These animals are known for a snow-white coat. Despite their sweet, petite appearance, they are energetic, playful that adores their people.
In addition to all these fantastic attributes, Maltese don't shed much either regardless of having long covers. In any case, they need ordinary brushing to keep up solid and satiny hair.

2. Bichon Frise

Image: Pixabay

When you think about a "tiny white dog," the Bichon Frise is probably one of the best breeds that comes to mind.
The Bichon Frise is a small pet weighing less than 13 pounds, a cheerful, small dog breed with a lot of love to give, this breed is often recommended to people who have allergies and with his black eyes and fluffy white coat, the Bichon looks almost like a child’s toy.

3. Toy Poodle

Image: Wikipedia

The Toy Poodle is the small breed between the Poodle family, a great kind of small fluffy dog, who is gifted with some of the best canine brain powers.
Toy poodles come in a variety of colors including the white, they have thick wavy fur and come in all sizes to fit all homes and ways of life.


4. Havanese

Image: Wikipedia

No list of white dog species can be without the Havanese!
Havaneses are pretty perfect pets, they are hypoallergenic and low-shedding. Their qualities include also their friendly behavior making them ideal for kids.
For grooming, Havanese little guys are pretty easy to take care of. They have long hair but it does not shed. The most you'll need to do is regular brushing to avoid matting.

5. Miniature Samoyed

Image: Pixabay

Miniature Samoyed dogs are white in appearance, among the most popular white breeds in the globe, these animals are between the most expensive dogs around the world.
Samoyed dogs are strong and highly energetic, and with the right owner they will become loyal, loving family members.

6. Japanese Spitz

Image: Pixabay

The Japanese Spitz is full of energy and love, this Japanese dog has great temperament, often playful with people, and extremely obedient with owners. The Japanese Spitz also gets along with children and other calm dogs, making it a great option for families with kids.
These magnificent looking pooches have a flawless coat, however a triumphant character.

7. Coton de Tulear

Image: Pixabay

The Coton de Tuléar is a breed of small dog named for the city of Tuléar in Madagascar, who is basically living, breathing cotton ball.
These tiny pets weigh less than 15 pounds and have super soft fur, making them an ideal lapdog and companion. Coton de Tuléars dogs are among the rarest types in the world.

8. White Pomeranian

Image: Pixabay

The white Pomeranian is a tiny dog breed of German and Polish origin. A very noble and affectionate hound type who makes an ideal pet for small apartments and families with children.
Pomeranian hound breeds are sweet, friendly, fun-loving, clever, unwavering, and, here and there, boisterous. Their satiny and fine coat requires standard brushing. Pomeranian pooches can differ in hues, including white, dark, cinnamon, dim, or chocolate.

9. White Chihuahua

Image: Pixabay

These little dogs come in all colors, including white or light tan. Chihuahuas are very friendly, making amazing companions for their owners. These animals are small but they may have the world’s biggest personality stashed inside their tiny bodies. This breed has an average lifespan of 18 years, some even living as long as 20 years.

10. Bolognese

Image: Wallpaperflare

Bolognese dogs are originally from the Italian City of Bologna, they are always white and are considered a hypoallergenic breed because of the minimal of shedding.
These puppies adore children and are playful and active with them, and since they are small they are easy to groom.

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