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When Calls The Heart 8x05 Details & Storyline


Image: Courtesy of Hallmark Channel

"Hope Valley" gets ready to celebrate its students on the upcoming episode 5 of current season 8. “What the Heart Wants,” is the title and it seems to be celebrating an all-important milestone in Graduation Day.

The upcoming events will also feature a celebration of teachers and parents. It’s about everyone finding a way to overcome obstacles and make a collective point together. There are a lot of fun things we're hoping to see all through here, including some large stuff from Lee and some amazing disclosures somewhere else.

Image: Courtesy of: Hallmark Channel

The synopsis of the episode teases some details, and here is the summary: 
It’s graduation day at the Jack Thornton School house, as well as time for parent-teacher conferences.
Rosemary and Lee adjust to having family in town. A letter from Dottie sends all the Coulters reeling.
Clara earns Jesse made a big mistake.

When Calls the Heart season 8 episode 5 is slated to air: Sunday, March 21 (9 p.m. ET/PT), on Hallmark Channel.
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