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Reasons Why You Should Practice The Jump Rope

Previously jumping rope was a special sport for professional athletes and boxers, but now this sport has surged in popularity. Here is why:

 Burn Calories: For fitness specialists, this sport enables fat to burn significantly, especially when used in a high intensity circuit or with weighted ropes.

Whole body workout: The arms are constantly working to move the jump rope which engages the shoulders, back, forearms, biceps and triceps.
Each time you jump and land abdominal, lower back and hip muscles are all used as they help stabilize and coordinate your movement.
Also the lower body is moving quads, hamstrings and glutes for power skills.

You Can Do it Anywhere: You can take them anywhere, jump ropes are extremely portable. You can use them inside or outside.
Decreases injuries: especially for (Foot and Ankle) Unlike other sports that require running and stopping quickly the rope jump teaches players to stay on the balls of their feet, As a result, foot and ankle injuries are greatly reduced.

Improved breathing efficiency: improves how efficiently you breathe, In addition to improved heart health and stamina.

Improves the ability to stay calm: because the brain and the body are working at the same time.
The improved ability to jump rope and be synchronous with your body, mind and the rope, can actually help to be more calm in other situations.

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