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Legacies New Mysterious Monsters

The most stunning creatures are still to come, Danielle Rose Russell who play Hope Mikaelson promises and said that “You haven’t met my favorite one yet”.

Photo: Julie Plec 
The executive producer Julie Plec says the next two monsters may bring answers, she teases in a recent tweet "If you’ve been looking for answers, the next two monsters can speak. And boy do they have a lot to say."

There are some answers of fans questions:

What kind of magic is the knife spelled with?
If the monsters are being drawn with the knife, they would probably be the best ones to tell us what exactly it is that is drawing them toward this magical object. Since no one at the Salvatore school knows where the knife came from or what kind of significance.

Is this knife of significance to one particular type of magical/supernatural creature?
We’ve seen all sorts of creatures drawn to this knife, but maybe it’s because they are all trying to destroy it because it can summon or harness the power of a specific type of magical creature. I could see all these different types trying to get their hands on it to destroy it.

Photo: The CW
Russell also assures fans that monsters will brings some clarifications in Episode 5, she says “Some things will be explained in Episode 5. You’ll find out why these monsters exist in this world and why they’re here. I’m excited for that explanation, because that’s when our show really begins. The overall Big Bad is coming.”

Hope and Landon will come to terms with certain things, Hope will discover who's really Landon, she will try to take some blood to see if he is human.

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