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Types of Wild and Exotic Pets

An exotic pet is unusual animal pet, a wild species which kept by human at home.
There are many people who keep these animals in their homes and treat them as pets like other traditional animals such as cats and dogs.

Here we review some of Exotic animals that are best known for treating them as unusual pets.

Can be considered as Exotic Pets that include ugly frogs in shape, appearance and sounds.
Amphibians contain fragile skin that can easily be damaged if not handled with extreme caution, making these animals unsuitable for children.

Unlike traditional pet birds there are other types like:
African grey: a parrots that have been kept as pets for thousands of years, Africans greys has amazing abilities that are capable of thinking and understanding, as well as imitating people's conversations very precisely.

Savannah Cat
This cat cost around $12,000 to $20,000.
Savannah cats may look wild, but they are more like dogs and cats, Savannahs use the litter box, eat regular cat food in addition to its social side.

Capybaras are social herd animals but you need to adopt them in pairs because their separation may cause anxiety for them.
They require a set of measures in order to keep them at home:
- A specific pool of water that allows for swimming and wading (over 3 feet deep)
- Must kept in shaded areas.
- Care must be taken of its food system because Capybaras only eat about three to six plant species in the wild.

The White Lion Cub
It can be kept when it is small but may weigh up to 675 lbs when it grows.
When the animal grows, keeping it at home is difficult because of its many demands.

Exotic reptiles include Anoles, Bearded Dragons and Chinese Water Dragons.
Reptiles require special skills to keep them safe at home, they need an improper diets to prevent any serious health issue.
However,  in general reptiles require less daily care and exercise than other pets.

The Scorpion
There are a variety of scorpions around the world, including forest and desert species, since the method of treatment varies according to the two types, it is necessary to know what type is introduced into the house.
A scorpion is a pet that can never been hold. Because he won't learn to recognize or interact with any one of his caretakers.

The Burmese Python
These reptiles can reach as long as 17 feet, So if you choose to have a python as a pet please be aware of the responsibility, because it's a very dangerous animal for the society.

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