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10 Reasons That Make Rats Wonderful Pets

Having rodents as a pet may appear to be a peculiar idea to many different people, but pet Rats have existed for several hundred years.

In this article there are top reasons why pet Rats make wonderful pets:

Rats are clean
If they get something on their fur, they quickly attempt to wipe it off, and they rarely need bathing.

Rats are smart
Rats are very intelligent and easy to train, they can do many tricks like master puzzles, run through mazes and even solve simple problems.
They are easily tamed, making them especially great for someone who likes to handle their pets.

Rats are social
Rats are social animals, in fact in the wild, rats live in large, cooperative communities. So they do best if kept with another rat or a group of rats.

Rats make bonds with their owners
Rats recognize their proprietors and react to their sight and voice, they are very social and love to hang out with human family members.

Rats are generally Low maintenance
Rats can be fairly cheap, their food is not very expensive, they are likewise ready to eat a large number of the foods we eat, for example, meats,vegetables, grains, and organic products.

Rats don’t require much space
They require a relatively small amount of space, a minimum of 2 cubic feet of cage space for each rat.

Rats are quiet
Rats are calm, which is another motivation behind why numerous individuals, particularly those living in flats, trust them make great pets.

Rats are easy to find
If you are considering rats as pets, you will see that they are generally simple to find.
There are many professional breeders, ratteries, and pet shops that have rats available for adoption.

Rates are healthy
If rats are cared for properly, they tends to stay very healthy, and seem to almost never get sick, and have an immunity to many illnesses.

Rats come in so much variety
Pets rats come in all colors, varieties, coat types, and sizes.
There are a variety of types to suit many tastes, there are hairless rats, dumbo eared rats, rex coated rats, tailless rats, and more.

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3 commentaires

  1. The problem with pet rats is that they only live for three years or so, even with the best of treatment. Just long enough to get really attached to them and then they are gone.

    Yes, I speak from experience.

    {{RIP Jinx, Bucky, Ratzo, and Muchacha Raton.}}

  2. There is a lot of this info that is wrong. Do not buy a pet rat based on this info alone. I have 11 rats at this point and time. They are actually pretty expensive animals to raise. Their food. If you want them to be healthy is in USA $16 a bag that last about 2 weeks if that's all you feed them. I feed mine a mix. So I spend the $16 pluse another $20 on groceries at the market. Then I also order what's called a block food it has all the vitamins and crap that they need to stay healthy that's another $60 every 2 months. Then there is all the fleece blankets you have to buy to keep their cage clean the ones I get are the cheapest I can find at walmart they're $2.50 each I buy about 5 a month, cause they chew through them like I am made of money LOL. Then there is this whole they dont get sick thing... they absolutely do get sick!!! My oldest boy got a respiratory infection 2 months after I brought him home. Cost me $150.00 US. I had to give him 2 different kinds of medications for 6 weeks.They said it was the change from the store to my house that make him sick. Said it dont take much and they will be deadly sick. Not very much longer after that he had babies thanks to the store not separating him from his sister whom we also bought. But one of those babies got a cough during the beginning of the Covid-19. I was stuck with home remedies cause the vet said they wouldnt see him unless it was life threatening. We got through it and he is fine now but the thing is they do get sick. Where do you think the phrase LAP RAT comes from? They can get pretty much anything you can. So if your sick stay away from your pet rats!! There are other things but I thing my comment is too much already!