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Animals That Eat Their Own Kind

The animal kingdom is a wild place where the strong prey on the weak without pity or remorse.
This article includes some of bloodthirsty examples of animals that eat their own kind.

Sand tiger sharks
Shark babies eat each other before birth, wich large embryos feast on their puny siblings while still gestating in the womb.
Researchers think the technique enables a couple of infant sharks to develop sufficiently vast that different predators will disregard them once they're conceived.

Polar bears
Polar bears have recently been spotted feeding on each other.
Some scientists believe that ice melting due to global warming is one of the causes of this phenomenon.
What increases the brutality of the phenomenon, there are some polar bears that feed even on their babies.

We have found out about Syrian hamsters battling in light of their solitary conduct.
Also there are Hamsters that kill each other due to a territorial dispute.
According to scientists female hamsters become more brutal and hostile during pregnancy.
Hamsters are cute and cuddly but it's not uncommon for a mother hamster to kill even her newborns.

Usually scorpions can have around 100 babies at a time, the mother sometimes when she can’t find enough bugs or grubs to eat, eat a few of her own to survive.

While the Perch is known for being a forceful sort of fish, numerous individuals don't understand that they are additionally savages.
Both parents and siblings will sometimes eat the young.

Sometimes, a wild mother rabbit will eat their own babies in times of extreme hunger, thirst, or cold.

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