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Talking to you pet is a sign of smartness


Most of pet owners around the world have everyday conversations with their animals, like saying good morning, asking them if they are hungry, or asking them to go for a walk even they won't respond and understand.

If you are among people who having a one-sided conversation with your pet, science says you're actually pretty smart.

As indicated by Nicholas Epley, a conduct science educator at the University of Chicago, individuals who every now and again converse with animals really hint at high insight.
It's called humanizing which means the attribution of human traits, feelings, or intentions to non-human entities.

Historically, treating pet like humains has been treated as a sign of childishness or stupidity but in reality it's natural and make humans intelligent on this planet.

Talking to animals shows a desire for companionship and an instinctive ability to build character where there isn't any.

Studies have demonstrated that humanizing can make our pets smart, for example if you keep talking to your puppy, it learns to differentiate among words and learns your motions. 

Thanks to science, now if you're still talking to your pets it's a sign of high level of creativity and intelligence.
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