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Top Reasons To Keep Betta Fish As A pet

The Betta fish (or The Siamese fighting fish), is a vibrantly-colored fish known by its genus, an elegant tropical freshwater fish among the most popular pet fish in the world.

Numerous Betta proprietors feel a similar route about their finny companions as proprietors of increasingly customary pets like canines, felines, hamsters and parakeets.

Here some reasons why this fish can make a great pet at home:

Betta fish is easy maintenance
This fish is living in a bowl, Bettas can do fine in a decent-sized bowl and requires water change every week and a half.
In fact, Betta need less space than other fish, and they are hardier.

Betta fish is very pretty
One of the best reason to choice that fish is the pretty look, owners confirm that one of the best things to do with Betta is just watching it during the swiming.

Betta fish has a variety of forms
Bettas come in all sorts of colors and patterns, so they are very unlikely suitable for all tastes.

Betta fish will never run away
Never have to worry about Betta to run away, the fish will always be in the tank.

Betta fish don’t need a friend
Male Bettas are hostile to social. By mixing a male Betta with another male, the possibility of them attempting to kill each other is very high.

Betta fish has a low cost
Aquariums, advanced filtration, water test kits, and accessories can get expensive, but a small 5 gallon Betta aquarium kit can be purchased for under $50 can be enough.

Betta fish is an acceptable pet for most dorms
Fish are wonderful pets that are permitted in most campus living zones.

Betta fish has a personality
Betta fish is packed with big personality, Betta fish will approach and wiggle its tail in anticipation of a treat each time when its owner is near to the aquarium.

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  1. wow, this is just, wow. OK, first off, betta CANNOT live in a bowl. They need at least a 2.5 gallon tank. This tank also needs to be filtered and have a heater set to 78-82 degrees F. And if your tank doesn't have a lid, your betta can and will "run away" if its conditions are not sutiable. The fish will jump out and commit susicide. Betta also need 25% water changes 1-2 times every week.