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6 Interesting facts about Discus fish

 Image: Pixabay

Discus fish are some of the most brightly colored fish around the world, one of the most beautiful species that can be kept in an aquarium.
Native to the Amazon River basin these fish are bright, vibrant circular shaped.

This article contains some interesting facts about these fish.

Discus fish are among the most challenging fish to keep and care
These fish have a notoriety for being defenseless to sickness and hard to keep. They are not reasonable for fledglings and require extraordinary consideration from the aquarium proprietor.

Discus fish needs plenty of space
These fish grow to an impressive size of up to 18 cm, so they need a big aquarium that allow them to swim easily.

Discus fish are schooling fish
In the wild, these fish stay together and swim in the same direction in a coordinated manner, so in captivity they are happiest when they can swim around the tank with other members of the same species.

Discus fish are peaceful
These fish can be kept in tanks alongside other species of fish, they are relatively sociable and a peaceful co-habitant that is extremely tolerant of other fish.

Discus fish has a long average lifespan
Lifespan depends on how well the discus are cared for, if they are well maintained the average is around 10 years.

Discus fish are nocturnal
In the morning and during the day, these fish are not very active, otherwise, they seems to be less shy and more comfortable at night.

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