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7 Reasons to keep Platy fish at home

Platy fish, also known as Moon fish, are a beautiful tropical fish which are vivid and simple to-keep, because of their qualities Platies are between the most popular aquarium fish in the world.

Here some reasons to choose Platy fish and what make them great pets.

Platy fish come in variety
There are lots of colors variations like: platy gold, red, blue, brown, and green, Platy fish are one of the more colorful freshwater fish.

Platy fish are hardy
These fish can adapt to a wide range of water parameters, tolerant to temperature and water fluctuations.

Platy fish are easy to breed

They are relatively easy to breed, they don't require a lot of encouragement, and they start breeding in a short amount of time.

Platy fish are easy to keep
These fish are easy to care, making them great fish for beginners.
They are very forgiving of poor water quality, but frequent water changes should be performed to keep them happy and healthy.

Platy fish are social
They are friendly fish and they don't like to live alone. Platies combines well with all good-natured small fishes.

Platy fish are great for children
Platies are a great introduction to children who will appreciate the bright colors, activity. They really are the ultimate beginner fish.

Platy fish are active 

Platies are fairly small but active fish, fast-swimming fish beautiful to watch.
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