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The most popular hamster breeds

Hamsters are cute, playful and sociable and mostly low-maintenance pets, there are various assortments of them and they will in general differ in qualities and look.
These animals have around the same lifespan and require very similar care, so make certain to pick the hamster (or hamsters) that is the best fit for you.

In this article there are the three most basic sorts of hamsters that are ordinarily available to be purchased in pet stores.

Syrian hamsters
They are the most popular type kept as pets, and they can be quite tame and easy to handle.
They can live about 2 to 3 years, and they have a size of 6-7 inches.
Syrian hamsters are nocturnal, and are rarely active during the day. Although they are not social with other hamsters they make wonderful pets for children.

Dwarf hamsters
Dwarf Campbell Russian hamsters are more social than Syrian hamsters, and they can be kept in same sex matches or gatherings of their breed as long as they are presented at a youthful age.
These animals are very small achieving a greatest size of just 4 inches as grown-ups.
They are available in a variety of colors however, due to selective breeding. The normal life expectancy of a Dwarf Campbell Russian is around 2 years.

Chinese hamsters
Also known as Striped hamsters are not generally social and must house them individually.
Although, they are not peaceful with other animals of their kind, they are not agressive with humains and they rarely bite.
In fact they are good-natured towards people and slightly timid.
Unlike other hamsters, they have a noticeable tail as well and their size is around 4 inches.

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