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10 Best Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds

You want to adopt a cat but your spouse or kids or one of your family number are allergic to felines, However, you can still adopt one. In fact all cat breeds can cause allergic reactions, but there are some species that are proven to be hypoallergenic pets.

There is a protein in cat’s saliva called Fel D1. This protein is what usually make an allergic person.
The following 10 cat breeds produce less of this protein than others, which making them easier for people with cat allergies to tolerate.

1/ Sphynx

This hairless cat is best known to be hypoallergenic, this animal is friendly and affectionate that need daily ear cleanings and weekly baths.

2/ Oriental Shorthair

This cat is among the best hypoallergenic cat breeds for people with allergies. Generally, Oriental Shorthairs are short haired and shed very little.

3/ Cornish Rex

Cornish Rexs are extremely great felines for allergy sufferers since they shed very little because they possess only the undercoat layer called the down hair.

4/ Russian Blue

This breed is famous for his blue/grey colored coat and short hair, this pet is also recommended for allergic pet owners.

5/ Bengal

Bengal cats are known to shed considerably less, they are blessed with very short pelt-like coats that requires little maintenance from their owners.

6/ Javanese

Javanese are considered hypoallergenic cats, they are between the few breeds that produces less of the Fel D1 protein than others.

7/ Balinese

Balineses are among the least allergenic cats, they produce much less of the Fel D1 protein that causes allergies and theire fur carries less of the allergen around.

8/ Siberian

Siberians are known for their moderately long coats, they actually produces less FelD1 protein and dander than other cat breeds making them perfect for allergy sufferers.

9/ LaPerm

LaPerms shed much less than most other cat breeds. Plus they are gentle and affectionate and also very active. 

10/ Siamese

Siamese cats are very popular pets because of their beauty and tenderness. They are also very vocal and like to tell their owners all about their day.
These pets are best known to be hypoallergenic and idealists for cat owners who have allergies. 

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