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8 Best small dog breeds

Many dog lovers prefer small breeds that are considered to be the most popular species because of several reasons, first, these little ones are absolutely adorable and excellent at cuddling. Secondly, they require less food and supplies. Thirdly, they require little space and many do well in apartments.

If you think a small breed dog is right for you, keep on reading to discover the 8 most popular small dog breeds you can welcome into your home.


1/ American Eskimo Dog 

American Eskimo Dogs are adorable and very famous little pets, they are clever puppies who adore making friends.

2/ Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terriers are favorite among fans of small dog breeds. Despite the small size this specie can be quite the watchdog, vocally alerting you to the goings-on around the house.
These beautiful little dogs are known for their blue and tan colored silky long hair.

3/ Affenpinscher

Affenpinschers (also known as Monkey Dogs) are small in size but feisty, full of spunk and energy. These dogs are loyal, curious, and famously amusing.


4/ Poodle

Poodles are known for their tight curls and specific haircuts, these pets are very popular, they are entertaining performers and highly intelligent.

5/ Chihuahua

Chihuahuas are very friendly, making amazing companions for their owners. These animals are small but they may have the world’s biggest personality stashed inside their tiny bodies.

6/ Shih Tzu

They are highly popular dog breeds and many people like to keep them as pets, they are famous by their tiny bodies and their beautiful appearance.
These dogs are generally easy to keep and very hardy.


7/ Bolognese 

Bolognese dogs are originally from the Italian City of Bologna, they are incredibly attached to their owners, and can even get cases of separation anxiety.
They adore children and are playful and active with them, and since they are small they are easy to groom.

8/ Pomeranian

Pomeranian dogs are best known by their appearance, they looks like across between a stuffed animal and a tiny lion.
Their fluffy coat and bright personality make them perfect pets.
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