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10 Most Lazy Dog Breeds

Many dog lovers want to adopt a lazy breed, this inactive pet is usually low maintenance and perfect for the lazy owners.

This list includes 10 amazing dog breeds that known by their inactive behaviors.


1/ Bulldog

This animal is not hyperactive. In contrast, this calm and courageous breed will keep you laughing with its silly personality, and taking many naps.

2/ Bullmastiff

Bullmastiffs are a definitive "gentle giants". These canines may be a bit on the lazy side, yet they are additionally valiant and faithful to their lord.
Despite the fact that they are a large breed, Bullmastiffs are not dynamic and do very well in apartment settings.

3/ Saint Bernard

Saint Bernards are huge dogs are known for their patience, tolerance, and good nature. These pets are lazy, known by their calm and patient disposition that makes them a great option for kids.


4/ Shih Tzu

This dog is a small breed with an Asian origin and often makes a good companion although its lazy behavior. These pets are in their happiness when they are close to their owners.

5/ Newfoundland

This breed will never like to enforce it to do anything, in fact, this dog will really need encouragement for doing regular exercise. This lazy lifestyle is a cause of its obvious overweight.

6/ Great Dane

This dog is another example in our list, so don't expect much activity from it, but even so, the personality of the Great Dane is unforgettable. This animal is gentle, energetic, friendly, and incredibly loyal.


7/ Pug

Pugs don't like exercise, in fact, they are very lazy and this lifestyle makes this animal prone to overeating and weight gain, so moderate exercise, especially indoors is the best solution to prevent any increase in its weight.

8/ Basset Hound

Typically weighing 40 to 65 pounds, The Basset Hound is an easy-going dog with a unique appearance. Basset Hounds are too great sleepers.

9/ Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels is a cute small dog that originated in the United Kingdom. This miniature pet only needs a little exercise.


10/ Bernese Mountain Dogs

Bernese Mountain Dogs are large, but they also still lazy, they are huge 100-pound beasts, and they love to be idle.
Truly, these animals tend to overweight so they need some activity, moderate exercise can be enough and good for their health.
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