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10 Reasons Labrador Retrievers Are The Best

 Photo: Pixabay

Labrador retrievers are between the most desired popular dog breeds in the world, and this popularity is due to many good reasons, in this article there are 10 causes that make these animals great pets.

1. Labradors are good by nature
These animals are known by their sweet, loving disposition, these friendly and active canines make easy pets, and great companions.

2. Labradors are good workers

These animals are perfect workers, built for sport, with boundless energy and keen intelligence. Today these dogs are commonly used as service dogs and therapy dogs.

3. Labradors are loyal
These dogs are devoted to their families, in fact, Labradors are loyal to their people at the point of risking their own lives.

4. Labradors are funny
These guys are always so energetic and happy. These dogs are ridiculous and they love to play and make everyone laugh.

5. Labradors are easy to groom

These dogs have low grooming needs, they only require occasional bath and brushing. Their coat is short and dense and sheds on its own. No need for haircuts.

Photo: Pixabay

6. Labradors are great family dogs
Labradors are fantastic family hounds. Their chill disposition makes them great with other pets and children.

7. Labradors are gentle
Their sweet natures make them some of the safest dogs to have around vulnerable people. As far as you can trust any dog, you can trust a Labrador.

8. Labradors are quick learners
Labrador's intelligence and curiosity, make this dog a quick leaner. This animal is very obedient, ready for training and eager to learn.

9. Labradors are good with other pets
Especially if introduced as puppies, labs are known to generally get along well with other dogs.

10. Labradors are healthy
Labrador retrievers are healthy dogs, they are among the healthiest dog breeds with the least health problems and longer lifespan.

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