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6 Natural Remedies To Minimize Dog Shedding

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Dog shedding is a big problem for many pet owners. The good news is there are solutions, and plenty of natural methods to help minimize shedding in your home.
Keep on reading to discover 6 natural ways to reduce dog shedding and keep your house fur free.

1/ Bathe your dog at an appropriate frequency
Dogs need regular baths to stay healthy and clean, but there are some breeds that need cleaning more than the others.
For example, pups with oily skin need to be bathed more frequently, unlike other dogs that possess dry skin, so it's important to consult a vet to determine the best frequency and products for shampooing your dog.

2/ Healthy Food
Dogs need healthy foods for their entire health and wellness, so an appropriate diet will prevent shedding.
Include a tablespoon of olive oil to your puppy's nourishment consistently. It contains omega-3 unsaturated fats which conditions their skin and coat.

3/ Brush your dog regularly
A simple daily brushing can reduce the amount of hair you find flying around the house. Brushing will take the dead fur from your little guy's coat so it doesn’t come out in clumps.

4/ Air Purifier
An air cleaner will filter dust and allergens while you sleep. If you have friends and family who are prone to allergies, you can remove hair and dander (as well as typical allergens) from the air with such device.

5/ Groom
Keep on top of grooming especially for dogs with long fur, or those with hair. In fact, regular grooming is essential for your dog's health.
When you keep your dog's fur clean and prevent mats, tangles, and knots, he will always be looking and feeling best.

6/ Vacuum
A great vacuum routine is one of the best dog shedding home remedies. The sooner you vacuum after your puppy sheds, the less time it needs to get pushed into the fibers of fabric.
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