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10 Best Dog Breeds For Runners

Runing with a dog partner is great for the health and happiness of both the owner and the dog, it's also special way to get in some added exercise.
As you spend time together, Runing will also create a special bond.

The perfect running canine is low-maintenace and faithful, with vitality and continuance. These 10 breeds are an incredible spot to begin.

1. Greyhound

Image: Pixabay

The Greyhound is a fantastic race companion, it's the fastest breed of dog and has a natural tendency to run.
Greyhounds are extremely athletic and make a great workout buddy.

2. Rhodesian Ridgeback

Image: Pixabay

Rhodesian Ridgebacks are extremely athletic, This brilliant breed has an effective walk and a short, low-upkeep coat that helps when running in the warmth.

3. Weimaraner

Image: Pixabay

Its endless adaptability makes the Weimaraner such a great choice for running companion, perfect breed for active people who enjoy biking, hiking, jogging, or running.

4. Whippet

Image: Pixabay

This short haired dog is very athletic, the breed is also known for its speed and power, capable of running at speeds up to 35 m.p.h.

5. Dalmatian

Image: Pixabay

The Dalmatian would make an extraordinary accomplice for quick, long-separation sprinters. They're known for their perseverance and speed.

6. Husky

Image: Pixabay

Huskies are reared to be sled hounds, and are probably going to appreciate the psychological and physical incitement that running will bring.

7. Labrador Retriever

Image: Pixabay

Labradors are extremely high energetic pets, they makes a great addition to an active person’s life. They are friendly, easily trained, and love to go and run around.

8. Vizsla

Image: Pixabay

Vizslas are great running partners, they are incredibly athletic, blossoming with hard exercise and being a piece of a functioning family.

9. Border Collie

Image: Pixabay

The Border Collie is high energetic and need lots of exercise. In addition, this dog breed is very healthy, living to about 15 years old, and can adjust to both cold and warm climates.

10. Australian Shepherd

Image: Pixabay

This breed would make a wonderful addition to an active family, and a good companion for anyone who likes to explore different kinds of terrain.

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