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10 Most Popular Chinese Dog Breeds

China is a home of many dog breeds that are specific to the country, many of which are very popular around the world.

China is a place to some of the most eclectic dog types, big, small, fluffy, or hairless, there is absolutely a dog breed in China that interests you and suits your inclinations.

The article includes a list of the 10 most popular Chinese dog breeds.

1. Bone-Mouth

Image: Wikimedia Commons

The bone-mouth is a  large Chinese dog breed that was originally bred for hunting and as a guard dog.
Typically stand between 19 and 23” high, which makes this animal one of the larger Chinese dogs.
The breed has built up a loyal and independent temperament however can be extremely quiet and affectionate around its proprietors.

2. Pekingese

Image: Pixabay

The Pekingese is a compact dog with a pear-shaped body, heavy forequarters, and lighter hindquarters, slightly longer than tall.
This tiny dog is calm and friendly toward its proprietors, sometimes aggressive with strangers.

3. Chinese Chongqing

Image: Wikimedia Commons

The Chongqing Dog is one of the oldest breeds in China and can be traced back to the third century.
This type was used as a hunting dog, which has resulted in it being a very intelligent and loyal breed.

4. Chinese Crested 

Image: Pixabay

The Chinese Crested Dogs were originally bred to be a companion for the disabled and elderly, they’re faithful, calm, and very friendly, and make great family pets.

5. Pug

Image: Pixabay

Pugs are between the most popular dog breeds around the globe, their high demand is resulting due to their many good qualities.
They’re docile and social by nature, they are small which makes them perfect for kids.

6. Tibetan Spaniel

Image: Pixabay

This asian dog is originated from the Himalayan regions of Tibet, and one of the oldest breeds in the world.
Tibetan Spaniels are extremely intelligent and affectionate, which makes them good companions.

7. Chinese Imperial

Image: Needpix

This toy dog is a very old one and is believed to have been around for over 2,000 years, these animals are famous for their calm and friendly temperament, which is a result of them being bred as companion dogs.

8. Kunming Wolfdog

Image: Wikimedia Commons

The Kunming Wolfdog is originated from a domesticated dog breed being crossbred with a wolf. This breed is popular due to many reasons: the good looking, intelligence, and loyalty.

9. Shih Tzu

Image: Pixabay

These fluffy dogs are highly popular and many people like to keep them as pets, they are famous for their tiny bodies and their beautiful appearance.
These dogs are also very hardy and easy to keep.

10. Tibetan Mastiff

Image: Wikimedia Commons

This large dog is originated from Tibet, famous in protection and guardedness, this breed is among the most expensive in the world.
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