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10 largest Low-Maintenance Dog Breeds In The World

You are a dog lover and you want to bring one at your home but, you are busy in your life, and you want a low-maintenance pooch.

Generally, low-maintenance dog species tend to have moderate to lower energy levels, average intelligence, and by and large great wellbeing. They just need a moderate amount of exercise, grooming, training, and health care.

In fact, there's no dog with zero needs but, there are some easy breeds and simple to care for.
For many dog lovers, large breeds are the chosen ones, fortunately, there are many types that require little time and attention.

Take a look at ten examples of low-maintenance dog breeds with characteristics that make them ideal housemates for busy pet owners.

1. Labrador Retriever

Image: Pixabay

Labrador retrievers are between the most desired popular dog breeds in the world, and this popularity is due to many good reasons, such: loyalty,
friendly disposition, smartness, and wellness.
Labradors are easy to groom, they have low grooming needs, they only require occasional bath and brushing. Their coat is short and dense and sheds on its own. No need for haircuts.

2. Golden Retriever

Image: Pixabay

Similarly, the Golden Retriever is another awesome pick for a first-time hound proprietor. Brilliant Retrievers love to invest energy with their preferred people and react to constructive preparing strategies. This variety is ideal for a respectably dynamic family.

3. German shepherd

Image: Pxhere

German shepherds possess a distinct wolf-like aesthetic, they are among the most handsome and popular dog breeds in the globe. For good reasons, they have such great personalities, and their charm is just irresistible.
This type is large, the AKC reports that it has a medium energy level. And the organization characterizes this animal as “a loyal family pet and a good guard dog, the ideal choice for many families.”

4. Bullmastiff

Image: Pixabay

Bullmastiffs are a definitive "gentle giants". These canines may be a bit on the lazy side, yet they are additionally valiant and faithful to their lord. Despite the fact that they are a large breed, Bullmastiffs are not dynamic and do very well in apartment settings.
This is a healthy and independent dog that needs less care and grooming than most.

5. Dalmatian

Image: Pixabay

This spotted canine would be an incredible addition to any family. The Dalmatian is a larger breed whose short coat makes them fairly easy to maintain.

6. Greyhound

Image: Wallpaperflare

Greyhound dogs are very healthy with very short coats that require little grooming and little exercise, making them a perfect choice as a low maintenance dog breed. In general, greyhounds tend to be easy to handle and very responsive to training.

7. Great Dane

Image: Pixabay

This gentle giant is actually from Germany. Great Danes are between the world's largest dog breed, they are watchful, smart, enthusiastic, playful, calm and sensitive dogs.
In spite of their intimidatingly enormous size, Great Danes are tame habitually lazy people. This breed is great for first-time dog owners because of their low maintenance lifestyle, which includes minimal grooming.

8. Mastiff

Image: Wikipedia

Mastiffs are immense dogs that tend to have a fairly low energy level and not much endurance. Although quite on the large and heavy size of dog breeds, they are a very docile and affectionate companion.
Easy to train, eager to please, and with a short coat that doesn't require an excessive amount of consideration, Mastiffs are often recognized as one of the most low-maintenance hounds around.

9. Bloodhound

Image: Pixabay

Gentle, friendly, loyal, lumbering, and laid-back are words that suitably depict this low-upkeep hound.
These amazing short-haired dogs enjoy the company of others and lounging around. They're fairly independent in nature, and their low-key energy means they'll look to you for games of chase or fetch.

10. Weimaraner

Image: Pixabay

Weimaraners are unique and have elegant looking, with long legs, they are fast and calm, perfect for hunting pheasant, quail or other birds.
Weims are happy, cheerful, affectionate, and love their people. The short, fine coat makes for very easy care.
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