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Top 8 Pet Bird Breeds for Beginners

If you are a newbie who wants to get an adorable bird pet, then you can choose from the following choices.
In fact, in case if you have never owned a bird before, there are some options that are better than others, there are some breeds out there that are friendly towards the beginners.

Before getting a bird as a pet for the first time, there are some things to consider before buying one:

Noise: Winged animals can be boisterous; some can be wonderful, while others not really. Along these lines, in the event that you like your tranquility and calm, this may not be the correct decision for you!

Socialization/Attention: Birds are very sociable animals and will need a lot of your time and attention, or they can become destructive.

Commitment/Duty: Some birds have a long lifespan (some of them can live up to 100 years), so bear this in mind.

Diets and Nutrition: it's important to give the bird the proper nutrition, pet fowls don't simply eat seeds, to keep them sound and cheerful they will likewise require a changed aiding of new products of the soil.

So keep on reading to discover these 8 best breeds of pet birds that are ready to adapt by beginners and being great compagnons.

1. Budgies

Image: Pixabay

Budgies are very friendly and affectionate towards their owners, besides, when cared for properly they are wonderful pets.
These small birds are blessed with some of the best brains, they are very clever and quick learners, they are eager to learn new tricks and can learn to talk – perfect for dinner entertainment!

2. Cockatiels

Image: Needpix

Cockatiels are outstandingly wise and one of the most famous pets in the market. We suggest going for a female cockatiel on the off chance that you are a fledgling as they are gentler contrasted with their male partner.

3. Canaries

Image: Pixabay

Canaries are among the most popular pet birds well known for their beauty and varied colors, they don't require a lot of consideration and are appropriate for apprentice pet winged creature proprietors.
They are healthy birds, and the rare health issues that do occur are usually due to poor diet, a dirty cage, or drafts.

4. Parrotlets

Image: Wikipedia

Parrotlets are famous among individuals as the perfect pets. They are little, adorable, and simple to keep up. Additionally, these small feathered friends have a great personality and can be highly entertaining.
In fact, a parrotlet can bathe itself in any source of tap water. And its cage requires only a few biodegradable newspapers or shredded papers.

5. Lovebirds

Image: Wikipedia

In general, Lovebirds make for great pets for first time owners, they are pretty and a good choice because of their excellent coloration and their small size.
To the extent feathered creatures go, these ones are generally low support. They can live alone with no avian allies, yet you do need to invest some energy with them every day.

6. Finches

Image: Wikipedia

Finches are also very beautiful birds that often have several colors including red, orange, grey, white, black, and brown.
They are fast-moving and lively as well as fun to watch, just watching them is a source of entertainment and stress relief.
They make for stunning pets for a youngster's room as they don't prefer to be dealt with. You can without much of a stretch have them around as impeccable associates.

7. Hyacinth Macaws

Image: Wikipedia

These wonderful birds are the largest parrots in the world, they are very gentle, and because of their good nature, they are also known as ‘gentle giants’!
They love to invest energy with their proprietors nestling and playing. In any case, in view of their enormous size, you should suit likewise.

8. Doves

Image: Pixabay

Doves are medium-sized birds that enjoy spending time with their proprietors, they are content spending their day entertaining themselves.
These winged species do not need so much attention, and unlike some big parrots, they don’t produce so much mess, which means the need to clean up the bird cages is reduced.

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