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Top 10 Dog Breeds From Japan

 Japan is the home of many dog breeds in the world, these canines are very popular among pet lovers in all the globe. in fact, Japanese dogs come in a variety, including services, working and lap types, large, medium-sized, and miniature breeds.

This list includes 10 wonderful dog breeds from Japan that are well known for their good nature that make fantastic pets.

10. Japanese Terrier

Image: Wikipedia

Also known as Mikado, Nippon, or Oyuki Terrier. One of the Japanese miniature dog breeds that makes a wonderful companion. This little puppy makes a great pet, closely bound to family members.

Generally, Japanese Terriers are great family canines that are anxious to please and simple to train. You can hope to pay on normal $600 for a Japanese Terrier doggy.

9. Ryukyu Inu

Image: Wikipedia

Ryukyu Inu is a courageous and docile canine originated from the southern islands of Japan (Okinawa). The breed is often referred to as the "national treasure" of the island. This animal has a wolf-like face who is believed to been bred to hunt and track wild boars on the Japanese island.

8. Kishu Ken

Image: Wikipedia

The Kishu Ken is one of the most ancient dog breeds to come out of Japan. It's believed that these dogs are likely to have been bred in the country for several thousands of years. Kishu Ken dogs are docile, proud, and loyal animals.

7. Japanese Spitz

Image: Pixabay

This Japanese dog has a great temperament, often playful with people, and extremely obedient with owners. The Japanese Spitz also gets along with children and other calm dogs, making it a great option for families with kids.

6. Hokkaido Inu

Image: Wikipedia

The breed is considered to be among the oldest and wildest dogs of Japanese descent. Hokkaido Inu is a medium-sized dog, a bold, athletic, and muscular breed tasked with the job of guarding, hunting, and even sledding. The Hokkaido is a steadfast, noble canine with a lot of endurance and perseverance.

5. Shikoku

Image: Wikipedia

Also known as Shikoku Inu, a local Japanese variety that was depended on as a chasing canine. These dogs are known for their endurance as well as their intelligence and alertness. 

4. Japanese Chin

Image: Wikipedia

The Japanese Chin is sometimes referred to as the Japanese Spaniel. These toy dogs are amicable with pretty much anyone, they are happy to be near to their owners, they are bred specifically to be companion pets.

3. Shiba Inu

Image: Pixabay

No Japanese dog breeds list is complete without the Shiba Inu. They're not just one of the most famous pooches in Asia, however the most prominent in Japan. What's more, on the web, they've turned into a famous meme.

2. Kai Ken

Image: Wikipedia

The Kai Ken is originated in Japan's mountain regions, the breed is also known as the "tiger dog" due to its coat colors. Kai Ken dogs are incredibly smart, quick learners, and tend to be fairly independent, though they love to please their owners.

1. Akita Inu

Image: Wikipedia

These good looking animals are large and can weigh over 50 kilograms. They are very protective of the family and friendly towards children and other animals. These brave, strong, loyal, and affectionate dogs make the Akita a popular family pet.

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