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Riverdale 5x15 Spoilers, Details & Storyline


Image: Courtesy of The CW


The fifteenth episode of season 5, named "The Return of the Pussycats," will focus on Josie McCoy, who is currently a world-well-known musician.


However, she will return to "Riverdale" after cutting her world tour short. In the small town, Josie will rejoin with her previous bandmates Valerie and Melody, and we will get familiar with the genuine explanation for her return. An on-stage reunion of the Pussycats seems to be on the cards.


Meanwhile, Veronica might struggle to wrap up a deal and could get some assistance from Toni. Veronica will also reunite with Alexandra “Xandra” Cabot in episode 15. 


We've got a synopsis from The CW and here is the description:
After going MIA during the middle of her world tour, mega-star Josie McCoy returns to Riverdale unexpectedly. But it’s not until she reunites with her former bandmates Valerie and Melody, that she opens up about the real reason why she’s back. Elsewhere, Veronica gets creative after a surprise visit from her old friend Alexandra Cabot. Finally, Toni steps in to help Tabitha and Veronica land a deal.

"Chapter Ninety-One" is slated to air: September 8, on The CW.

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