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Chesapeake Shores 5x10 (Season Finale) Spoilers, Details & Storyline

  "Chesapeake Shores" Season 5 Episode 10 is set to be the Season Finale, “That Old Feeling” is the official title and the upcoming events feature some change coming for The O’BRIENS.


Image: Courtesy of Crownmedia

The episode’s official synopsis has been released and we can check the following details:

Evan makes a meaningful gesture to ask Abby out on a date. As Abby considers Evan’s question, Jay also opens up about his feelings. 

Mick and Megan announce plans to take some time off to travel the world together but do not get the reaction they were expecting from the family.

Complicating matters, Megan receives a tempting career opportunity that would take her to California.
Jess faces the consequences of an emotional email she sent in the middle of the night, while David discovers what his father’s frantically out-of-character phone call to him really meant. 

As Kevin struggles with how to help Sarah he opens up to his parents against her wishes. Worried about Connor’s health as he prepares his case to clear Luke, Margaret tries an unconventional approach to get him to relax…s’mores.

Image: Courtesy of CrownMedia


"Chesapeake Shores" Season 5,  Episode 10 is poised to premiere: Sunday, October 17, on Hallmark Channel.

Chesapeake Shores 5x10 (Season Finale) Spoilers, Details & Storyline Chesapeake Shores 5x10 (Season Finale) Spoilers, Details & Storyline Reviewed by THSPatch on octobre 13, 2021 Rating: 5

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