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The Cleaning Lady 1x09 Summary, Details & Release Date

 “The Cleaning Lady” Season 1 Episode 9 is coming soon to FOX and is set to be the last before the finale, the next events feature Thony facing heavy results and getting help from a few people.

Image: Courtesy of FOX

“Coming Home Again” is the name of this episode, due to Hayak and Arman’s fallout Thony faces heavy consequences. He should go back to the United States without Arman's help.

Arman will be hiding out in this episode. While hiding out, we will see Arman endeavor to give Thony some assistance, however, it doesn't seem as though that will work out. All things considered, we will see Garrett get down to business to assist Thony with getting across the boundary. In any case, when they show up, things simply won't be as they have all the earmarks of being.

Image: Courtesy of FOX

The official press release of this episode reveals the following plot:
Arman's fallout with Hayak has severe consequences for Thony, who must now find her way back home from Mexico with Luca. In hiding, Arman tries to help Thony get back, but it is Garrett who steps in to get Thony across the border where, upon re-entry, things aren't what they seem.

“The Cleaning Lady” First Season Ninth Episode is going to air: Monday, March 7, on FOX.

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