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Dynasty 5x19 Summary, Details & Release Date

Entitled "But a Drug Scandal?" "Dynasty" Season 5 Episode 19 is coming soon to The CW, and the next events feature Fallon organizing a fundraiser.

Image: Courtesy of The CW

In this Episode, Fallon is going to organize a fundraiser to help save her horse charity. Then Adam will ask Blake for help. Dominique will be assigned a bodyguard by FSN, and he will treat his work extremely in serious way.

For some more details, the Summary of this episode is as follows: 

Liam hears his mother say something that is less than encouraging as he struggles with his conscience. Fallon plans a fundraiser to support the survival of her horse charity.

Adam asks Blake for assistance. Dex tries to deal with things on his own, which does not sit well with Alexis. To Dom’s disgust, FSN gives Dominique a bodyguard, who takes his duty very seriously.

"Dynasty" Season 5 Episode 19 will be released on 12th August 2022, on The CW.

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