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Which color of banana is the best?

For a healthy snack bananas are a good kind to eat in order to get different benefits such vitamins, minerals and other assorted nutrients our bodies require. Is it true that you are mindful of the distinctive hues and the advantages that they can give?

 The advantages that comes from each banana depend on it color.

The greenest of bananas are very low glycemic index, so that kind is appropriate for those who must pay attention to their body’s sugar levels.
These younger and greener bananas give the sensation of satiety that means you will eat less.

Firm and all yellow, they are very good for health, the body can digest them fast. When a banana is fully yellow, the antioxidants contained within are able to protect our bodies from various diseases.
The antioxidants found reduce the risk of heart disease as well as degenerative diseases.

The spotted yellow banana, contains too lots of antioxidants. The dark colored spots are a positive pointer, this implies the banana will separate different cells in the body, particularly that are known to cause cancer.

Brown or mostly brown bananas contains more sugar inside, Although their look these bananas do come with their own special powers, offering us tryptophan, which reduces stress and anxiety, also they are rich in various nutrients that promote muscle and bone health.

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