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Reasons Why Parakeets Make Fantastic Pets

Parakeets or budgies are a group of small- and medium-sized parrots that generally have long tail feathers.
They are one of the most popular pet bird species in the world, after cats and dogs they are extraordinary allies for any age and can be easily trained.

This article includes some reasons why Parakeets make fantastic pets.

Parakeets are flying creatures that fits in home
Budgies are small and relatively easy to care for, it's easy to have a cage in most homes. One of the major advantages of the species is their size fits into most any home.
These birds also needs a perch and toys to keep their little brain happy and stimulated.

Parakeets are very social
These social birds can make good pets and great companions for families, they have delicate identities and can bond quite strongly with their proprietors, making them magnificent companions for young bird lovers.
Budgies will enjoy spending time with their owners, which makes them great pets for kids.

Parakeets can bring endless entertainment
Parakeets will provide a show that’s better than anything on TV. They love to ring bells, and explore hollow things.
Best of all, budgies have the ability to learn to talk, and they are capable of mimicking words and phrases.

Parakeets come in so many colors
There are many colour variations in pet budgies making them very popular birds, colours are determined by their genetic makeup and mating.

Parakeets lifespan
Parakeets lifespan is about 10-15 years. Feeding and caring for Budggies is extremely crucial for their lifespan.
There are nutritionally balanced diets made specifically to help these parrots to carry on with a long, solid life.
This makes these birds perfect for those who want to accompany their pet for a long time.

Parakeets are intelligent
Parakeets are smart birds, they have a relatively large brain for their size, they are great talkers, very curious, and they can learn many tricks.

Parakeets Housing
They are easy to clean up and they are less expensive to feed because of their small size and appetite and they can without much of a stretch be kept in a little townhouse or flat.
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  1. More reasons that parakeets are great pets:

    * They get to know their names, and will even respond to them when and if they want to.

    * They're comical! Ours make us laugh every day just watching their antics.

    * The ones who learn to talk are really hilarious sometimes.

    * They have beautiful, brightly colored feathers which they shed naturally, then you can use the feathers for arts and crafts projects, or wear them in your hair.

    * It's a delight to care of their simple needs and pleasures and watching their gratified, overjoyed reactions.

    * When they are relaxed enough around people to eat millet treats from your hand, it feels great.

    * Every now and then you'll see one do something so smart it's almost spooky.