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Reasons Why The Swordtail Is The Best Choices For A Pet Fish

The Swordtail is one of the most popular aquarium fish species. In general this fish is quite peaceful and it can inhabit in a typical tank.

The male Swordtail develops to a most extreme in general length of 14 centimeters (5.5 in) and the female to 16 centimeters (6.3 in).
However, the fish is smaller in tanks, which highly depends on tank conditions.

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Here some reasons to choice The Swordtail to be a pet at home.

The Swordtail come in variety
It tends to be gotten in many shading varieties, just as balance and tail varieties.
The most common varieties include: Red Wag, Red Velvet, Marigold, Black Nubian, Pineapple, and Neon Swordtail.

The Swordtail don’t need very much space
The Swordtail is an average-size fish and don't need very much space. The base tank measure for one grown-up swordtail fish ought to be something like 15-gallons.

The Swordtail is easy to adapt
Swordtail fish are tough tropical fish that can endure a wide scope of water temperatures.
They should do fine in any water temperature between 65- 82°Fahrenheit.

The Swordtail is easy to feed

It's easy to feed and it will accept a wide variety of foods. It will eat quality flake food or live foods like bloodworms, daphnia, brine shrimp, mosquito larvae, or fruit flies, as it will eat virtually anything.

The Swordtail is very social
This fish is peaceful and active that enjoy good company, especially when housed with other Swordtails or similar passive species.

The Swordtail is healthy
This fish is relatively hardy and do not have any particularly strong weaknesses for certain diseases.
So the best way to prevent disease is to give it the proper environment and a well balanced diet.

The Swordtail is easy to find
The Swordtail fish is betwen the most commonly available and is usually modest in price.

The Swordtail breed easily

Due to their ability to breed. Swordtails can breed extremely easily and they grow quite quickly.
This mean that it's easy to have several different fish in a limited amount of time.

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