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5 Best dog breeds for beginners

Adopting a dog is a big decision which requires a lot of thought and preparation. Choosing the right dog from so many breeds can sometimes be confusing. Some of breeds aren't recommended for new owners so it's important to consider many things like energy and activity of both animal and pet proprietor, size, cost, and maintenance level.

Here are some of the dog breeds that might be suitable for you as a first-time pet proprietor.


Pugs are between the most popular dog breeds around the globe, their high demand is resulting due to many reasons:
1/ These animals are small (with 28cm in Length, 6-8kg in weight), which make them perfect for kids.
2/ They are tolerant and friendly with other pets.
3/ They are not particularly active, and they need practice in moderation.
4/ Pugs are especially tender and will follow you wherever you go.


The Boxer is a medium-sized, short-haired breed of dog, developed in Germany. A good choice for beginners because of many facts.
1/ Boxer is playful dog breed who can bring enjoyable moments to you and might just be what you’re looking for.
2/ Boxer is a loyal, easy-to-train, and protective type of dog.
3/ Good for active peoples due to its activity and the need of lots of exercise and proper training.
4/ Boxer can form close bond with their owners and protect their kids.


The Papillon dog breed descends from the toy spaniels, the sparkling personality make it the favorite breed fo many peoples. In addition this dog is so much loved because of other causes:
1/ It is very easily trained and need moderate grooming only.
2/ It is friendly and adaptable type of dog, so it is perfect for families and children too.
3/ It is active and love a lifestyle that’s somewhat dynamic.


Beagle is another breed who come with a lot of qualities.
1/ The Beagle is a small dog, measuring around 33 to 40 cm (13 to 16 in) tall and weighing between 8 and 15 kg (17 to 33 lb).
2/ The Beagle is a very intelligent dog initially prepared to chase. This dog will respond brilliantly to tricks and commands.
3/ The Beagle need daily exercise, a good option for active owners.
4/ The Beagle is peaceful with other animals that enjoys company of adults and kids.

Golden Retriever

Keeping this dog at home might be a great decision due to many reasons:
1/ This breed has a friendly disposition and isn't aggressive towards people or animals.
2/ Golden Retriever is very loyal to its owners and in general it get aggressive if it sense any physical abuse towards its family.
3/ It is a dog with happy and pleasant behavior.

There are plenty of dog breeds that are good for first-time owners so try to identify your requirements just as the time and exertion that you are happy to give so you'd most likely pick the one that best matches your inclination.
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