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The Top 6 Pet Fish for Kids

Fish are great, they make great pets for kids. They are low maintenance (they only need tank cleaning and weekly water changes), they come in all colors, sizes, and shapes, which can truly fit many people tastes.

Fishkeeping can be a great experience for kids, it's an opportunity for exploration and learning.
In this article, there are 6 of the top fish for kids.

1/ Platy fish

They come in many varieties, these fish are easy to care for and considered to be one of the top beginner fish.
Platies are hardy, active, and friendly, and they can be kept in a smaller tank than other breeds.

2/ Molly fish 

These are colorful and they can be really cool to watch, and since they are very active fish they love to hang and hide out in plants.
Mollies are hardy, peaceful, and doing well with other fish.

3/ Angel fish

These beauties are delightful to watch swim around. They are really tranquil, although some older males interested in mating can be a little aggressive.
They typically like warmer water. Because of their physique, they also need a deeper and bigger tank.

4/ Gold fish

These little ones don't cost much, around a quarter per fish. They are not aggressive and can get along with most other fish.
Goldfish are pretty easy to take care of, which makes them great for kids.

5/ Guppy fish

Guppies comes in lots of colors, they are one the best species for beginners. These fish loves to be in groups and because of their activity they love to play among the plants.
Guppy fish are hardy and able to live in various tank conditions, including brackish water.

6/ Betta fish

Bettas are among the most popular pet fish in the world.
These fish are easy to feed because they eat a variety of foods, including frozen or live blood worms or brine shrimp.
If you want only one fish to be in your tank, consider choosing a Betta fish. Bettas don’t need a friend, males are hostile to social (by mixing a male Betta with another male Betta, the possibility of them attempting to kill each other is very high).
These fish can be trained to do many tricks, making great shows in your aquarium.
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