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Top 3 popular types of Oscar Fish


Oscar fish are among the most beautiful fish found in the tropical region of the world. Awesome looking and kinda dangerous fish in freshwater aquariums.

These fish come in variety, so in this article there are the top 3 most popular types.

1/ Tiger Oscar
Tiger Oscar fish are among the most important types of Oscar fish. They are known for their attractive and colorful scales and their quality of recognizing their proprietor. These fish are considered excellent pets because of their unagressive nature.

2/ Red Oscar
Red Oscars are found in many shades of red such deep red, bright red, rusty orange etc, they are between the most popular and available fish in the market.
Red Oscars are really wonderful while showing their energetic red coloration and this makes them eye catchy and attractive.

3/ Albino Oscar
Albino Oscars are white in color. They can be found in a mix of red and orange however for the most part you will discover them in white base.
They have sparkly white scales which give them a smooth look. A real albino is recognized by its white base coat and red eyes.
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