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7 Reasons to keep a Rainbowfish at home

Rainbowfish are a group of little freshwater fish that get their name from their bright, iridescent colorations that change shades in various light settings.

In recent times Rainbowfish have started to gain popularity among aquarists for many reasons, so in this article there are 7 reasons to keep one at home.

1/ Rainbowfish are beautiful
Rainbows have become hugely popular in the last couple of decades, due to their beautiful colors.
These fish come in astounding radiant hues that change when the light reflects, be it a glossy silver or a blue and yellow blend.

2/ Rainbowfish come in variety
Rainbows come in a variety of colors ranging from red, blue, yellow, silver and black.

3/ Rainbowfish are peaceful

Rainbows are peaceful creatures they can be kept in community aquariums with other non-aggressive species.

4/ Rainbowfish are hardy
Rainbows are hardy fish that adapt well to a variety of water conditions.

5/ Rainbowfish are active
Rainbows are perfect swimmer and highly energetic.

6/ Rainbowfish are easy to feed
Rainbows are omnivores and can be benefited from a changed eating routine of drop based nourishments and live sustenances, for example, bloodworms, blackworms and glassworms.

7/ Rainbowfish are small
Rainbows are relatively small species of aquarium fish with most species reaching only a couple of inches in length. In fact, the largest species of rainbowfish only reaches around 8 inches in length.

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