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8 Most Affectionate Cat Breeds In The World

It is known that cats are very friendly pets, most of them love to cuddle with their favorite owners, but there are some specific breeds who are especially affectionate.

If you are curious about the most affectionate cat breeds in the world, this list includes the best species who are famous by their unique and special personalities and who have plenty of love to offer, too.


1/ Scottish Fold

These felines are smooth and easygoing from thousands of years of domestication. Scottish Folds want nothing more but to spend the day in your lap looking at you with their big, round eyes.

2/ Ragdoll

These cats love to cuddle and speed time in your lap, they are popular indoor cats and are literally known as "puppy cats" since they have such dog like characteristics.
Ragdolls love to play fetch with their proprietors, they are pleased to catch things and exercise at the same time.

3/ Birman

They are known by their long-hair, and blue-eyes, Birmans are one of the most affectionate cat breeds around.
These cats love humans and enjoy to be with other animals in the home and have been known to cuddle up with dogs.


4/ Tonkinese

Tonkinese cats are one of the most social cat breeds who make good companions with humans, they are very smart and like to be cuddling.

5/ Sphynx

Hairless Sphynx cats are known to be friendly and they are in the top affectionate list. They will do anything to show you their love and they are happy with your companionship.
These animals are also known to be very silly and love showing off for their human audience.

6/ Persian

Persian cats have long coat and cute facial folds, they require regular grooming, but emotionally, they are pretty low-maintenance.
These animals are very social, try to give your cat a part of your interest and it will be your best friend.


7/ Siamese

Siamese cats are very popular pets because of their beauty and tenderness. They are also very vocal and like to tell their owners all about their day.
Keep them company, and keep them entertained, and Siamese cats will reward you with tons of love.

8/ Bombay

The Bombay is one of the most affectionate and friendly cats. These animals are fun-loving and playful.
They are especially tolerant of young children, dogs and other household cats.
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