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6 Of The Most Smartest Dog Breeds

Many dog owners consider their puppies to be their best friends, there are dozens of dog breeds but there are some species that are famous by smartness making them very popular to be kept as pets.

Generally, any dog that performs well as a working dog or service animal can be considered a very intelligent dog.
The majority of people feel that the smartest dogs are:
-The fast learners
-The easiest to train
-The hard-working
-The high active and energetic breeds...
This list covers 6 popular dog breeds that are regularly considered the most intelligent.

1/ Border Collie

The border collie is often considered to be one of the most smart dog between all breeds, because of its high energy many people love to spend lot of time with him.
This animal is always up for learning something new and perform just about any job you can give.

2/ Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherds are among the most intelligent dog breeds in the world. These animals are brilliant, active and friendly, they like physical activities and mental challenges and they are at their happiness when they are busy.
The Aussie will learn much faster than you expect and be quickly ready to move into something new. It's very important to keep this dog busy to avoid any Boredom.

3/ German Shepherd

 German Shepherds are brilliant, dynamic dogs who will do best with smart, active owners able to give them focused attention, exercise, training, and lots of one-on-one time.
This breed is very obedient, German Shepherds happily serve as police dogs, seeing-eye dogs, medical assistance dogs and therapy dogs.

4/ Poodle

Poodle is gifted with some of the best canine brainpower, highly intelligent, and standard in size.
You can teach this dog to perform tricks, this animal is happy to balance on a ball, jump through a hoop, or do a wide range of other actions.

5/ Papillon

The Papillon dog breed descends from the toy spaniels, the sparkling personality make him the favorite breed for many peoples.
This animal is one of the smartest of all the toy breeds. This breed is friendly, alert, and active.

6/ Rottweiler

Keeping this dog at home might be a great decision, This breed has a friendly disposition and isn't aggressive towards people or animals.
Rottweilers are intelligent and they can be trained fairly easily once you earn their trust, they are very protective and they will always keep an eye on the environment to make sure everyone is safe.
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