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9 Best Peaceful Community Fish Breeds For Aquariums

There are many fish species available for aquarium tanks that have different temperaments, and combining the wrong ones can be quite disastrous.
Some breeds are very aggressive toward their neighbors. Meanwhile, there are some other kinds famous by their peace and friendship with other fish species.

If you are looking to keep things calm and friendly in your community aquarium, it can be a great idea to go for a peaceful community.
There are numerous reasonable species for a tranquil network, which are all additionally excellent and fascinating to keep, so keep reading for a list of the 9 best peaceful community fish breeds for aquarium tanks.

1/ Neon tetra

Neon tetras are considered by many to be a great choice since there are very hardy these fish are a great option for beginners.
Neons are great fish for a peaceful community due to their timid nature. If you have a big tank feel free to add a large groups of 30 or more of them, they can live together without any issues.

2/ Cory Catfish

These fish are simple to keep and easy to combine with other fish making them perfect for beginners, they are peaceful and enjoy good company.

3/ Zebra Danios

Zebra Danios are very active and hardy making this kind very low maintenance, these fish are doing best in groups, they are schooling fish and they are at their happiness when keeping them together. 


4/ Mollies

These fish are considered to be peaceful. They live in groups and many have had success with keeping them in community aquariums.

5/ Cherry Barb

These fish are very peaceful, not aggressive, and very good community fish. Barbs does best when kept in a school, preferably 6 or more them.
In fact, there are a few species that actually make ideal community fish. The beautifully rosy-colored cherry barb is one of them.

6/ Rainbowfish

Rainbowfish are very pretty and have become hugely popular in the last couple of decades, due to their beautiful colors.
Rainbows are peaceful creatures, they can be kept in community aquariums with other non-aggressive species.

7/ Dwarf Gourami 

Gouramis are among the most tranquil fish on the market. There are many different types, coming in different sizes and colors.
The timid Dwarf Gourami might be a good option if you’re in need of a peaceful addition to the topwater layer of a calm community aquarium.

8/ Guppies

The guppy is one of the world's most broadly circulated tropical fish, and one of the most popular freshwater aquarium fish species.
Guppy fish are peaceful and they can live together without any issues. Also, these fish can live with other kinds such as molly, swordtails, neon tetras, platies.

9/ Platies

Because of their qualities, Platies are between the most popular aquarium fish in the world. They are friendly fish and they don't like to live alone. Platies combines well with all good-natured small fishes.
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