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10 Best Freshwater Fish Species For Beginners

So you finally decided to set up an aquarium in your home, but it's still empty and you need some ideas for which fish to choose, in fact, there are a lot of freshwater fish types for a first owner and an amateur.

This list includes some of the best freshwater fish species for beginners, low maintenance and easy to care for.

1. Danio

Image: Pixabay

Due to their high level of hardiness, the Danio make for one of the best freshwater fish for beginners.
They can handle different types of water conditions such as temperament and are most comfortable with a few other companions.
These energetic species are low maintenance, active and very social fish.

2. Platy

Image: Wikimedia.Commons

Because of their qualities, Platies are between the most popular aquarium fish in the world.
They come in many varieties, these fish are easy to care for and considered to be one of the top beginner fish, easy to maintain, being able to handle different water conditions.
Platies are hardy, active, and friendly, and they can be kept in a smaller tank than other breeds.

3. Swordtail

Image: Fluffyplanet

The Swordtail is one of the most popular aquarium fish species. In general, this fish is quite peaceful and it can inhabit in a typical tank.
There is a wide range of shading varieties accessible and they are very strong which makes them a perfect species for the beginner aquarist.

4. Guppy

Image: Pxfuel

This colorful and lively fish is very easy to care for, peaceful, and can breed easily.
The Guppy is hardy and able to adapt to a variety of water conditions, it is common to find it in many freshwater aquariums, in fact, this fish is not demanding at all.

5. Molly

Image: Pxfuel

Mollies are extremely popular fish to be kept in the community of an artificial aquarium, all around the globe.
They can be really cool to watch, and since they are very active fish they love to hang and hide out in plants.
Mollies are hardy, peaceful, and doing well with other fish.

6. Oscar

Image: Pexels

Oscars are one of the most intelligent aquarium fish available, one of only a handful couple of fish types that can be prepared to do stunts.
Oscars are healthy and can grow very fast reaching up to 12 inches, making a good choice for beginners.

7. Goldfish

Image: Peakpx

Goldfish are one of the most common, popular, inexpensive pet fish around the world.
These fish also have fantastic look so keeping them at home adds a special elegance to your aquarium tank, making a great choice for many people, especially for starter ones.

8. Neon Tetra

Image: Wikimedia.Commons

They may appear to be little, however, a school of these splendidly hued fish can be an extraordinary starter school. Brilliant dashes of blue and red make these fish an exuberant expansion to a network freshwater tank.
Neon tetras will in general be nice and their little size has them an insignificant effect on water quality.

9. Zebrafish

Image: Alumni.duke.edu

Zebra is small-sized fish, people like it due to the size and its good-temper nature. It makes the perfect beginner fish, very easy to care for, and can grow up to 5-7cm.

10. Gourami

Image: Flickr

Gourami fish are playful and entertaining which comes in a variety of color combinations as well as patterns.
Gouramis are among the most tranquil fish on the market. There are many different types, coming in different sizes and colors.
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