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10 Most Beautiful Freshwater Fish Types

If you are looking for colorful fish to add to your aquarium, freshwater ones come in different shades and hues.

Many types come in vibrant and vivid colors, that provide your tank a good appearance, in fact, just watching these fish is a source of entertainment and stress relief.

This is a list of the 10 most attractive freshwater fish species with the best colors.

1. Male Betta

Image: Pixabay

One of the most popular types around aquarist, and one of the oldest known freshwater fish to be kept in aquariums.
These fish are notable and incredibly refreshing for their flawless appearance, intriguing practices, and basic space prerequisites.
They come in a variety of colors, hues, and gradients, including orange, red, yellow, purple, white, blue, and more.

2. Discus 

Image: Pikist

Discus fish are native to the Amazon River basin, and their unique bright colors make them very popular as a great choice for pet fish.
These fish are some of the most brightly colored fish around the world, one of the most beautiful species that can be kept in an aquarium.

3. Killifish

Image: Fishkeepingworld

Killifish are one of the most vibrantly colored and wonderfully designed freshwater fish. 
One of the most colorful freshwater fish just as one of the most excellent freshwater fish.
Killifish are a large family of freshwater fish comprising over a thousand different species. Most species are no more than an inch or two in size.

4. German Blue Ram

Image: Flickr

German blue ram cichlid or dwarf butterfly cichlid is a small, good-looking, peaceful freshwater fish.
Rams are also highly compatible with many other species of fish due to their social and peaceful nature.

5. Gourami

Image: Commons.Wikimedia

Gourami fish are playful and entertaining which comes in a variety of color combinations as well as patterns.
The most colorful Gourami species are the Red Fire Dwarf Gouramis, the Blue Gouramis, and the Banded Gouramis.

6. Boeseman’s Rainbowfish

Image: Commons.Wikimedia

Rainbowfish are very pretty and have become hugely popular in the last couple of decades, due to their beautiful colors.
Rainbows are peaceful creatures, they can be kept in community aquariums with other non-aggressive species.

7. Neon Tetra

Image: Commons.Wikimedia

Neon Tetras are small, easy to care, they are considered by many to be the best, since there are very hardy these fish are a great option for beginners.
Neons are great fish for a peaceful community due to their timid nature. If you have a big tank, feel free to add a large group of 30 or more of them, they can live together without any issues.

8. Goldfish

Image: Pixabay

Goldfish are one of the most common, popular, inexpensive pet fish around the world.
These fish also have fantastic look so keeping them at home adds a special elegance to your aquarium tank, making a great choice for many people, especially for starter ones.

9. Peacock Cichlid

Image: Cdn.Shopify

From Lake Malawi are probably the most wonderful cichlids. Their unfathomable shading splendidly cast in blues, reds, and yellows.
The lovely Peacock Cichlids are not just the most brilliant fish inside the haplochromis gathering however are the absolute most amazing freshwater fish on the planet.

10. Fantail Guppy

Image: I.Pinimg/Hristo Hristov

Fantail guppies are a classic choice for hobbyists looking to add some color to their tanks. They can vary in color from neon yellow to lime green to teal, all of which are often interspersed with black or silver – making the colors even more striking.
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