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10 Most Beautiful Medium-Sized Dog Breeds

When it comes to choosing a dog, there are many things to consider, beauty is one of the conditions that push some dog lovers to prefer a breed over another.

All dog has its amount of attraction and good looking, but there are some specific types that are more pretty than the others.

Medium-sized dogs are among the most desired breeds, in fact, they are what many consider "just right." They usually possess some traits of both small and large dogs.

This list includes 10 of the most beautiful medium-sized dog breeds, that have splendid characteristics and ready to be adopted by you.

1. Border Collie

Image: Pixabay

No beautiful dog's list can be without this magnificent animal. This amazing breed is developed in the Scottish borders for herding livestock.
The border collie is often considered to be one of the smartest dogs between all breeds, because of its high energy, many people love to spend a lot of time with it.
This medium-sized dog is always up for learning something new and perform just about any job you can give.

2. Beagle

Image: Pixabay

Beagles are from England, they are among the most popular dogs around the world, they are cute, and their beauty makes them very popular pets.
These canines are peaceful with other animals and enjoy the company of their owners, they are completely lovable and loyal, and they do exceptionally well with children of all ages.

3. Labrador Retriever

Image: Pixabay

The third member in our list is the Labrador Retriever, this friendly and active canine make an easy pet, and a great companion.
This animal is good by nature, a perfect worker, built for sport, with boundless energy and keen intelligence.
Labrador retrievers are healthy dogs, they are among the healthiest dog breeds with the least health problems and longer lifespan.

4. Whippet

 Image: Flickr

The Whippet is also a popular dog breeds from England, in fact, England is a home of some of the greatest canines in the world.
This short-haired dog is very athletic, the breed is also known for its speed and power, capable of running at speeds up to 35 m.p.h.

5. Golden Retriever

Image: Pixabay

Goldens are sweet, carefree, delightful canines making extraordinary mates. They have the best attitude, they want to play, and they're easy to train. They are additionally incredible at keeping kids dynamic, they have been very popular dogs for decades.

6. English Setter

Image: Pixabay

known by its agreeable and mellow temperament, the English Setter is referred to as the “Gentleman of the Dog World”.
This medium-sized breed is very intelligent, energetic full of energy, who needs plenty of space to run.
If you want a wonderful, smooth dog with the possibility to become your partner in all sorts of activities as well as a beloved family member, the English Setter is one to consider.

7. Australian Shepherd

Image: Pixabay

The Australian Shepherd is a clever, high-energy dog breed that regularly weighs between 40 to 65 pounds. Aussies are loyal and friendly dogs that make great companions for very active households.

8. Brittany

Image: Wikipedia

The Brittany is another cute medium-sized dog breed on the list. These animals loves exercise, especially alongside their favorite humans, they love running, hunting, scouting, and playing.
Brittanies are very responsive to direction from their owners and they can quickly learn to live peacefully with other dogs and cats.

9. Bulldog

Image: Pixabay

The Bulldog, otherwise called the British Bulldog or English Bulldog, is a medium-sized dog breed. It is a strong, robust pooch with a wrinkled face and a particular pushed-in nose.
Bulldogs are loyal, determined, courageous, and funny. They are lively and friendly dogs that make great companions.

10. Welsh Corgi

Image: Pixabay

The Welsh Corgi is smart, loyal, and willing to please its owner. This dog is active, good with children, protective and sturdy.
Corgis are obedient and make a good watchdog, besides, with their short little legs and ears that are greater than their body, Corgi young doggies are completely lovable.
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